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Join Norwex for FREE in June!

Have you ever considered joining Norwex?

Maybe you have tossed around the idea of becoming a Norwex consultant, but the timing wasn’t right.

Perhaps you love the products but feel a bit unsure about finding a way to hit the required sales quotas in the first 90 days.

Are you someone who dreams of stocking every room of your house with Norwex and would love to be living a low-toxic, green and healthy lifestyle and would like to do it in a truly affordable way?

Starting on June 1st you can become a Norwex consultant in the chillest, low-key, no pressure, hands-off kind of way.

How is this way joining different?

Instead of the “Regular” Norwex Starter Kit that’s valued at over $275 (complete with our Mop System and LOT of other products) we offer you a “Skinny Kit” that includes 2 of our powerhouse microfiber cloths, the Enviro Cloth and the Window Cloth.

You pay $9.99+ tax to have these cloths and a handful of business supplies shipped to you.

After that? Well girl, now YOU decide.

You can start a Norwex business and do what I do: make a career.

You can do a party here and there and do what many do: some great extra income.

You can enjoy that 35% discount and buy all the Norwex your green heart has been craving.

You can jump in all the way. You can stick a toe in. You can freeze like a deer in the road and do nothing. I’m not a fan of that last option because there is no reason to be scared, but this Join Free option is truly for all types, even those who badly want to join Norwex but are scared.

Need some hand holding? I have calluses on my hand thanks to that part of my job. When you say yes to Norwex, you are choosing a coach/friend/leader.

My style isn’t for everyone. I’ll be straight with you on that. I take my career seriously but I also do it with balance. I’m frank with my words and a straight-up straight shooter. I won’t beg, bribe or guilt you into doing Norwex in a way that’s not right for you.

I also like to have fun, so if you aren’t really much for fun people, don’t join Norwex with me. Fair warning.

Need to talk this out with a human voice? I LOVE doing that. Let’s figure out if this is a good time and opportunity for you or if it’s a hard pass. Reach out and we can do that.

Ready to go and want to get at it today? Go on, girl. Yes! Here’s your link. Click and do it!

Visual learner? Me too. Here are some graphics to help you break it down.

Maybe you’ll look at this graph below and will understand that joining with the full Party Starter Kit is a smarter choice for you. If you want to turn Norwex into a hustle, pick that FULL kit and commit, you’ll regret not choosing the Party Starter Kit if you are ready to go do Norwex.

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