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It’s here again for a short few weeks. If you love Norwex, if you are looking for a flexible, rewarding, well paying job that will allow you to put life ahead of work, then give this a look over.

Until September 1 at noon CST, you can step into the role of Norwex consultant but with more flexible terms by choosing Join For Free.This offer includes reduced items in your kit (see the full kit in all its Norwex Glory here) but it also includes reduced terms when joining.

Instead of selling 2000 dollars of Norwex in 3 months to earn the big kit for free, you are gifted 2 Norwex cloths this month and no initial sales requirements.

Who is this offer *right* for? After 7 years of being a top leader for Norwex, experience and wisdom has taught me that this plan is right for those who are truly apprehensive but also LOVE the products. If you see yourself selling or ordering 250 dollars of Norwex 4 times a year, but with a 35% discount, you will benefit from this program. It will allow you to give your home a giant green makeover. It will give you the courage to stick a toe in the water and try Norwex as a consultant, and it gives you the open door to decide if (and how) you might want to choose your own Norwex adventure.

We have A mere 2-3% of American homes are familiar with and using Norwex. Until we become a household name, we need programs like Join For Free to support our mission to educate people on what they are mission out on.

If you are already working with a Norwex consultant who has invested time and energy into inviting you to join, go join with her. Not every leader at Norwex will encourage that, but Norwex is a community of strong, caring, passionate women and my leadership responsibilities including modeling decency in direct sales. If you are searching for an experienced leader to sponsor you in this business, I would be happy to connect with you. Join online and get started today. Your future self will say “Thanks Girlfriend.”

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