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It’s back once again. 

For over 20 years, Norwex has been the innovator in green cleaning. We’ve combined a casual, customer-first, connection-matters way of serving with an old fashioned way of marketing. We provide an essential product to families who want to save money, time, the environment, and their health from unnecessary exposure to chemicals that have been proven harmful.

Most people join Norwex with the intention of starting their own small business. Many do it alongside a full time career. One to two Norwex shows a month, either in homes or on Facebook, can be an answer for extra income that many people desperately need. When I cautiously and nervously joined Norwex nearly 7 years ago, I was scared out of my mind! Would people buy anything from me? Would anyone even care? I really wanted to try, but fear nearly talked me out of it several times. Honestly, the low risk and zero dollar investment was the only reason I screwed up the courage to give it a shot.

Typically, a new Norwex consultant will be sent a Starter Kit with several products and business supplies, and they are given 90 days to sell/buy for their own use $2000 of product. That’s as simple as about 3-4 Norwex demonstrations over 3 months. If you are ready to make some income, you join Norwex this way and I guide you along the way.

Then we have another type of potential consultant. You drool over the Norwex product line, maybe have stalked my website, perhaps you have had several parties, you are a walking-talking unpaid Norwex consultant who tells everyone how rad these products are. You would love to be able to get the Norwex products at 35% off.

Or maybe you have a feeling pulling at you, or a voice that whispers, “Maybe I could do this.” You sometimes ignore that voice and try to silence it, but dang, every time you pull out an Enviro Cloth you hear it again.  You avoid cleaning your house because that VOICE! Just kidding. Clean your house. Girl, I get being scared. Standing in front of people seems overwhelming (pro tip: you can SIT when you do a Norwex party!) and maybe you are worried that you’ll crash and burn and it seems like too much struggle and worry. You might fail. It’s true. But you might be awesome, you might build back some confidence you’ve been searching for.

After becoming a top Norwex leader in our company, the great joy I get from this work is watching people like YOU do things they thought they never could or would. What makes me sad? Women who tell me, “I was thinking about joining Norwex with you 4 years ago, I wish I would have.” Some of those women eventually join and get over the regret of time passed.  Some of them will one day say, “I wish I would have” instead of, “At least I tried.”

Before you say Yes to Join For Free, consider your alternative option, joining the typical way with the Party Starter Kit. Invest in yourself and your business but believe you can do this in either way you choose: with the zero sales requirement and 2 Norwex Cloths to get you started, OR the more traditional way with a full kit + 2 bonus products. That way of joining that says, I’M GONNA GIVE IT MY BEST GO and I’m here to make some money. No shame in that game.

You decide. I will support you entirely with either option you pick.

Don’t wait all month now, you hear? Lots of videos, training, and fun to be had with your Norwex peers and I will be happy to welcome you to our thriving community of change-makers. Click over to the Norwex site to get started today.





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