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Join Norwex with only HALF the sales required!

On any normal month, you can join Norwex for $9.99 shipping and handling. We give you big kit with Norwex power products and a full 90 days to crank out 2000 dollars in sales, which most new gals and guys can accomplish in about 3 to 3.5 Norwex parties.

But what if that 2000 dollars in sales makes you feel a bit queasy? Maybe you want to give Norwex a go, but are scared to try. This month we are catering to the cowards (don’t take offense, I was a total chicken and the prospect of selling 2000 dollars kept me  up at night.) All that worrying was for nothing, I hit that goal in less than 6 weeks!

Join Norwex and become a consultant in the month of February, and we will reduce the sales requirement to just 1000 dollars in sales in 90 days.

Did you know that everything you purchase for your own home, personal, or kit use counts towards that 1000 dollar goal? It does!  Have a home launch party, schedule another show with a family member or friend or two, create a little Facebook Event to announce your new venture, and hit that sales goal in no time flat. I will walk you through the easy steps to rocking out those goals, and you’ll be making some awesome money at the same time.

Sometimes you might feel better about talking with me via email or phone to get more info. I am always up for that. Reach out and schedule a time that works for you. Don’t wait, don’t over-think, stop making excuses and quit letting fear sabotage your decisions! Norwex is changing lives because the products are powerful, and this is YOUR time to make you own home healthier and become a passionate advocate who shows others how cleaning can be safe, easy, and better for this one planet we share. Join me this month.


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