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Join Norwex in April, 50% Discount and huge potential to earn!

Join Norwex in April for 50% commission instead of the typical 35%!

35% percent commissions/discount as a Norwex consultant is pretty dang generous, and it’s why many people choose Norwex as an additional source of income. Not only do you get to choose the terms of your new job as far as how often and how much you work, but you are compensated well. So many Americans are looking for part time work, but the hours are usually rotten and the pay typically stinks too! I have three kids in sports this summer, which means Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Saturdays we will have offspring in various locations simultaneously! (Please clone me, but make the cloned version have better eyelashes, more patience, and better typing skills!) All this crazy means I need a career that ISN’T crazy, so I pick Norwex because I pick the times I work. (Friday night demos it is!)

Have you thought about your Summer plans? Summer costs are often higher for families, day camps can come with some serious sticker shock if your kids are enrolled in full time care. Summer shouldn’t be a financially painful time for you, and with Norwex, you can custom design a schedule that works for you and your priorities.

Or perhaps you have hit a crossroads with your health, or someone in your family is struggling with health issues and it’s time to remove the chemicals from your home to reduce your body burden. This month, your Norwex products are 50% off, making it absolutely THE RIGHT TIME to say yes to kicking out the chemicals and YES to protecting the air and surfaces your family are exposed to.

Why work with me? I’ve been an invested, supportive, well-trained and passionate Norwex consultant and top leader for nearly 8 years. My experience working with thousands of women and men just like you has given me the ability to support you in a way that meets YOUR needs, not mine. Join online in minutes, or reach out to me personally and I will talk through a few points with you to maximize your start and help you choose the best time for you to join this month.

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