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How long have you been “thinking” about it?

I’m in the seafoam dress– with some of the other top leaders in the entire company. Did I ever imagine being at the top of a direct sales company? No way. I said yes to Norwex as a way to pay off student loans and car debt but ended up making it a full time adventure!

After many years of leading thousands of women and personally sponsoring hundreds of women in their Norwex journey, I have learned that all types of people say yes to becoming a consultant.

There are some who contemplate, analyze, research, and consider joining for months, if not years before they finally trust that they are making a good choice.

Others find my blog after a sleepless 2 am Google-fest of falling down the Norwex Vortex of YouTube and end up here largely by chance, consumed by all there is to learn about these mind-blowing products that have somehow escaped them for their entire life, this far. Click-click-JOIN, these are the humans who don’t hesitate because they are excited or they worry they might talk themselves out of joining if they wait until tomorrow.

Some have been customers for years, but are hands full in full time jobs, families, and extra commitments. They refer their friends to their favorite consultant, but silently wonder, “What if my friends were buying these products they love from ME?”

No matter who you are, where you come from, what your life story is, whether you have had sales experience as a GM for a major retail clothing corporation or have only sold over-sugared Red Kool-Aid when you were 7, there is a spot for you here at Norwex.

Ask me your questions. I will tell you no lies. Let’s decide if you want to educate people on a smarter, safer way to clean alongside some of the most passionate and positive people I have ever met.

Ready to join our progressive company and start a Norwex gig of your own? Read more or join today.

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