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Do you love Norwex? You aren’t unusual. Cleaning is a universal activity that most of the population takes part in. It’s woven into our daily lives much in the same way that eating is. Sometimes it’s done with intention. Often we put in effort and set aside time to do it. More frequently, it’s done mindlessly and automatically without a lot of thought.

Some people are happy to purchase Norwex products with the intention of making their cleaning routines faster and without the punishment of buying, lugging, and inhaling chemicals. Others understand the environmental advantages to cleaning with water and without needing to purchase half a dozen consumable products packaged in plastic that will inevitably end up in the landfill. Many people become borderline obsessive about this new way of cleaning and host Norwex parties/classes/wine nights to open up this secret new way of existing with their girlfriends, who are still in the dark and cleaning with products that are straight outta 1950.

Here is the thing though. If you love Norwex products enough to have them or want to have them integrated into your daily routine, it’s time to ask what is stopping you from becoming an ambassador for our company. Are you leery of committing to something you feel you don’t have time for? Norwex can be a career that changes the financial situation you are currently stationed in, or it can be a whole lot more casual, something that look like a fun hobby that gives you access to our whole-home product line at a 35% discount. There are thousands of people around the country who are on my team who are Norwex consultants for dozens of reasons. What they all have in common though, is an appreciation for their health and having access to these must-have products that they depend on for a better, greener, easier lifestyle.

March brings you a great way to come on over to the Clean Side. If you have toyed with the idea of becoming a Norwex consultant but have gotten a little freaked out about 2000 dollars in sales in order to keep the Norwex Starter Kit for no charge, then this month might be more of your speed. Let me break it down in plain language for you.

•Join Norwex before April 1st 12:00 CST.

•You get a Norwex Starter Kit in about 3-5 business days which contains a whole lot of stuff. You can click over here to see that big old box of goodness.

•Decide that you don’t want to have to pay Norwex 200 dollars for said Starter Kit, because you’d like to have it for free.

•Look at your calendar and realize that you have 3 months (90 whole days!) to hit your sales goal of 1000 dollars compared to the normal 2000 dollars. Tell yourself, “Oh hey, that’s NBD. Between the products I am planning to buy with my 35% discount, and 1 party I know my favorite cool family member/friend will host, and maybe I’ll even have a little party of my own, $1000 in sales is something I can crank out in 2-3 weeks, let alone 3 months! I got this.” Really, say that. Because most people over-think all this and talk themselves out of it for no good reason other than fear.

•Check out the Fresh Start Plan and detail out your calendar a little more intentionally. Decide that you are going to either A: Buy an Upgrade Kit (AKA Business Builder) so that you can hit your 400 dollars in sales in the first 15 days of joining and get a Big Free Box of Norwex for being awesome AND a shopping spree WOOT. Or B: Schedule your first demo/open house and serve your friends a glass of wine and show them your new Norwex products by doing a mini-demo. 400 dollars in sales will be EASY! Do it in the first 15 days so you can get all your free Norwex Loot and Shopping Spree. C: Tell yourself you don’t care about free stuff and leave the box of free stuff sitting on a sad, lonely shelf in Dallas, Texas and ignore that $25 shopping spree and let someone else have it. I mean, you are a Big Girl. Pick A, B or C. You decide and own it.

•Take a deep breath and just say yes. Then remind yourself that you are joining Norwex with me, Amanda, and will be working with one of the top teams in all of the company! Amanda wants this to be fun, because that’s one of her main goals in life. More fun. Less un-fun. Remember that she is going to hold your hand when you get started and is going to direct you to the easy steps and resources for dipping your toes in the Norwex water. You have nothing to lose, so very much to gain. Want to chat me up and have me walk you through your decision? That’s my job, and I’m here to do it well.

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