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Join Norwex in May- It’s our Virtual Kit Option!

Let’s talk about how the month of May is giving you access to Norwex in a different way.

We’ve just launched our “Virtual Kit” option for the first time in the USA, and it could be a perfect fit way for you to partner with us in a way that meets your needs.

What is the Norwex Virtual Kit, and is it similar to the Join Free option you’ve offered in the past?

The Virtual Kit is unique in that you pay $19.99 at sign up. You have immediate access to all the tools and benefits that all Norwex Consultants have. (A personalized website, free for 6 months, 35% discount, trainings, access to our Team Work With Water events and trainings.)

What comes in my Norwex Starter Kit when I choose the Virtual Kit?

Nothing. Hu? Thats’s right. Upon sign up, you are given virtual tools and access to starting your business immediately, but you will not be mailed the typical Starter Kit that we send new consultants when they join.

But what if I want the items that come in the Norwex Starter Kit?

Here is what’s cool about this option. You CAN STILL GET THE KIT. How? Upon sign up under the Virtual Kit, make it a goal to hit $1000 in sales within 30 days. Or, if you need to go slower and steady, hit $2000 within 90 days. Once you do that, Norwex will send you the Starter Kit items for free. That’s right. They will ship it at no cost, right to your door.

If you know you want the Starter Kit right away, which makes sense if you do not have a collection of Norwex products to use for show and tell when you are getting started, then you will be best suited to join our typical way, which gives you the Starter Kit within a few short days of joining.

Norwex Starter Kit- Get it free when you join with the Virtual Kit. Simply hit $1000 in sales in 30 days, or $2000 in sales in 90 days. You’ll get this kit mailed to you after hitting either of those goals.

If I join with the Virtual Kit, can I still earn the typical rewards that new consultants normally are eligible for?

Yes! You are treated to the same benefits as a typical consultant! One of the most fun rewards when you start is the Reward Package for achieving 400 dollars in your first 15 days.

What if I don’t sell $1000 in 30 days or $2000 in 90 days?

No biggie. There are no sales requirements to join with the Virtual Kit.

How long does this offer run?

The last day to sign up with the Norwex Virtual Kit is June 1st, 11:59 AM CST

Does it make more sense to host a Norwex Party, or Join?

This is where my 10 years of experience comes in to help you make a smart choice. If you are wavering and struggling to decide if you should join or if you should stay a customer, reach out to me and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear how brutally honest and not shady and smarmy I am. I’ve never fit the prototype for “sales consultant” and I know you will be refreshed to know that you don’t have to either.

I’m ready to join. How do I get started?

Sign up with the consultant who has already invested time and energy and had the courage to ask you to join. I lead my team with integrity. If you haven’t already established a rapport with a consultant who has asked you to join, I’m here to welcome you to our no nonsense, supportive, down to earth team.

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