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The holidays are coming, ready or not! Is your credit card or checking account going to be able to handle your shopping list? Americans are predicted to spend an average of $1000 on Christmas this year, which includes food, gifts, decor and greeting cards. What if you plan to travel? Certainly the cost of airline tickets, hotel stays, or even gas would add a significant increase to the predicted spending amount.

8 years ago I would fall into a seasonal state of anxiety. We couldn’t easily afford Christmas, as a family of 5 with a single income to depend on, student loans, and a mortgage, we felt lucky our kids were healthy and still young enough to be impressed with homemade, second-hand, affordable gifts. It was nearly a decade ago that I adopted the now very popular 4 gift tradition for my children: Read. Want. Wear. Need. As you can see, Henry wasn’t real psyched about his “Need” gift back in 2015.

Our financial situation has changed drastically, and we now have a teenager and a tween, but we still stick to the 4 gifts per child plan. Many Americans will take on a second job to afford the holiday bills, part time jobs usually have miserable hours that keep you away from your family, and leave you with less time and more stress.

Before you enter into the holiday season of 2018 without a financial plan, would you consider Norwex? 35% commission attracts time conscious women and men who know that they deserve to make good money without punching the clock for 8 hours. For the next week, and until November 8th, you can join Norwex during our busiest season, but with reduced sales requirements. Join the first week of November and instead of being asked to sell 2000 dollars of Norwex products, you can earn your kit for free by selling just $1000 dollars of product. I’ve been a top Norwex leader and recruiter for over 5 years, and I will guide you through how to do this while keeping it FUN.

Want to talk to me to ask your questions? Reach out now, before this offer expires!

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