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I’ve had so much fun turning Norwex into a career over the last 11+ years. What started as a mere hobby and a way for me to get Norwex products at discount has now evolved into a dream career for me. I say that with total conviction and anyone who has seen me do my work at a Norwex party will swear to you I am over the moon in love with what I get to do on a daily basis!

I was thrilled to be the top Norwex recruiter (I prefer the title team builder) the last three years, so sharing some of the most often asked questions before joining Norwex is something I’m happy to do for those of you who are interested in joining and curious about knowing more about our successful and supportive Work With Water Team.

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The Norwex Opportunity

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. But should you? I say yes. Norwex ignites excitement when a consultant is able to show and tell about the products. While I am a former party hater who avoided people like me and didn’t go to or host parties, I have become a party plan junky because it WORKS with Norwex. However–You need not do home parties to be a consultant. Many consultants use social media (with guidelines) to share Norwex products. Catalog parties and orders from friends and family are all ways to be a consultant.

All consultants make 35% commission on Day 1 of joining. That’s incredible extra money. Our Career Plan offers management pay for building a working team. My story may not be typical, but it is totally possible. I earned 50 dollars of extra residual income per month in my early days, all the way to well over 6 figures a year from growing a healthy, successful team of women and men who are out teaching others about Norwex. *Obviously I cannot make income guarantees, any examples I share of my income earned is specifically my experience!

Did someone already explain and introduce this job opportunity to you? My team is a class act, and I am proud of that. You should go speak with the person who already had the courage to ask you to join their team.Have you never been invited to join Norwex as a consultant? Well then, I think you should come work with me! Our team culture is inclusive, positive, a little quirky, and FUN. We are consistently one of the Top 5 Norwex Sales Teams in the USA. We offer stellar training for consultants near and FAR. From high quality digital podcasts to Google Chats, Facebook groups, emails and conference calls, I won’t let distance stop you from being an included member of our team. Nobody likes a Braggy McBraggerson but I was the #1 Company Recruiter in 2014, #5 Group Team Sales and #6 Company Salesperson. In 2015, I was #3 Company Recruiter,#2 Group Team Sales, and #9 Salesperson.  For the last several years I have been a Top Paid Consultant in the entire company. Whoa, I didn’t see that one coming when I joined, I just wanted to replace a piece of crap mini van!

All that really means is that I take my job seriously but I have FUN doing it and I know how to teach others how to be successful too.

Any business you start for less than $5000 is considered a “shoestring business.” I think one of the coolest things about our company is how generous we are. The Hostess Plant treats Hostesses like Queens. The consultants who join us are paid handsomely and gifted free product on a regular basis. Starting a Norwex business can cost you nothing, if you choose. I think a recipe for success calls for buying catalogs, order forms, some basic business supplies, and requires a few specific products I have hand-picked for a rockstar start. Some consultants will choose to invest 200 dollars in their business up front, but almost 100% will make back that investment after doing ONE PARTY! You need not stock your garage with Norwex and guess what people might want to buy. Products ship right to your hostess and customers!

I love this question. Did you have a previous relationship before your current one that didn’t quite work out? Most of you will say YES! Did that stop you from falling in love again? I hope not. Not every person is the right fit for you. Not every company is the right fit for you either, but that doesn’t meant the right one isn’t waiting. Norwex is often the “right one” for many people. Because we are mission based company, we attract helpers, givers, positive and dynamic people. Our products are sold with the intention of “improving quality of life.” With a dedication to making homes safer for Americans, and leaving the next generation a cleaner planet, we seem to be a different and great fit for thousands of people looking to make extra money. What makes us special is that we do heart-led work by educating others on how to clean safer, smarter, and cheaper.

Our Standard Starter Kit that includes our premier Mop System and many other freebies can be found here.

Check out our Starter Kit Upgrade. Most of my team members choose to invest modestly by choosing the Starter Kit Upgrade along with their Standard Starter Kit. We make it easy to get started, and your “Business in a Box” shows up shortly after or on the same day as your Standard Starter Kit. Purchasing an Upgraded Kit helps you work toward your $2000 in 90 day sales goal. But remember, you can also crank it out faster by choosing to sell 1000 dollars in 30 days.

You choose.
Sell 2K in 90 days, slow and steady


Hit the gas and sell 1K in 30 days.

Either way, your kit is earned for FREE!

It also counts towards your Fresh Start Goals!

When you join under the Standard Starter Kit, your sales quota to earn your free kit for free is just $2000 in 90 days, or $1000 in 30 days. If you are going to go with the more days but more sales options, That looks like approximately 3 -4 Norwex parties over three months! After you have met this quota, there are no monthly sales quotas to meet. How do you stay involved with Norwex and keep in good standing? You must sell (or buy) just $250 retail of Norwex product in a 6 month period. Easy.

With your 35% discount, you will be spending $325 a year, or $162.50 every 6 months, or $27 a month, or less than one dollar a DAY to be a consultant. You’d spend more than that on cleaning supplies at the big box store. Norwex makes sense!

Well of course! Contact me and we will arrange a method to communicate that suits you.

Click over to my business page and follow the prompts. You’ll hear from me shortly!

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Beginning your journey with Norwex is easy and allows you to convert your home to a Norwex safe haven without having to worry about the cost.

Not only will you see a return on your small investment right away, but I will be there to hold your hand along the way. Change is empowering, and this is one that can be done without discomfort. The wonderful thing about starting your Norwex career is that you control how you want to market the product. Hold in-home events, online events, social selling, or catalog parties. You decide. 

You are in charge.

Short on time? I get that. Most Norwex Consultants work at their own speed and pace, one that fits their lifestyle. 

Take a moment to look over the perks of starting your own Norwex business and know that I am ready for your questions, and here for encouragement as you join and get started.

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