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July Norwex Hostess Specials


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It’s BACKKKKK! The month many of my customers wait for, Mop Month!

Everything heats up in July– my job is always fun, but July holds a special place in my heart because as the weather warms up, drinks taste sweeter, moods get lighter, and Norwex Shows become especially awesome because it’s Christmas In July. I get to be Santa Claus with a bag full of Norwex Mop Systems to deliver to my hostesses!

In July of 2011, I reluctantly hosted a Norwex party. I had my eyes on that Mop and I was willing to make my friends sit through a boring demonstration if it meant I could get it free. That show was anything but boring, it was actually FUN and it planted the seed that eventually has grown into a career that has given us financial freedom, vacations to Belize, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica, and the ability to live a life on our terms. I get to go on every field trip, be home with my kids when they are sick, and make every t-ball game. The icing on the cake is that my job is done with my whole darn heart. I have the privilege of teaching people how to make their homes healthier and cleaning easier. I get to watch how Norwex is changing lives, for both customers and the consultants who join our movement.

Contact me if you are ready to make July the month you switch to Norwex. Reach out if July is the month you join my team as a consultant!


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