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Keep a Positive Heart

Each week I have my kids create a positive message or choose a famous quote they can add to the letter board. Today was my twelve year old daughter Maren’s turn. I love waiting to see what they will come up with, it’s often a reassuring message to themselves that is personal and important based on what they are dealing with in their own life.

Failure is something a lot of women wrestle with, and it stops a whole heck of a lot of ladies from entering the world of direct sales. I hear it a lot; “Amanda, I want to do this but what if I fail?”

Starting something new, like Norwex, feels like a huge, scary, risk leap of faith for many. What if my family thinks this is stupid? What if I have a party and nobody shows up? What if I’m good at this and I am scared of the success? What if someone wants to join my team and I have to be a leader and what if I suck at being a leader? WHATIFWHATIFWHATIF.

WHAT IF. What if none of the things you are so focused on were an option? What if you learned something that changed who you were? What if you loved the idea of failure because it taught you something and gave you the drive try a different way, or try harder? What if you made lifelong friends by not being scared to try? What if someone changed the way the clean their home and made their house a safer place for their children because you said yes to Norwex?

What if, what if, what if….





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