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Less Do, More Be

My 6 year career with Norwex has been fast and furious. I joined without any inkling of where this journey was going to take me and what major and positive changes would be brought to my family. I’ve loved it, I’ve had hard days and easier ones, success in the form of financial freedom and flexibility in my schedule that I have taken for granted.

This Summer I have been forced to re evaluate and redefine how to blend being a driven, successful woman fits in with my priorities. I made a list of Things That Matter to me most of all. I put it on my dresser mirror. I look at it daily and then I decide what and WHO I am going to say yes to. This was all a sweet idea( in theory) until this current Summer. Some health problems that wouldn’t go away now matter how much I juiced, slept, and yoga-ed the crap out of them demanded my full attention.

Isn’t that something… We humans often refuse change until it’s mandatory.

Just over a week ago we said goodbye to our family dog, my first girl who Jim and I saved from a pound in Terra Haute, Indiana in 2003. My kids grieved, I grieved, my husband was heartbroken. It is in moments like that, when I can be home with these children and had 4  miserable but wonderful days to spend playing with and loving each other before we said goodbye that I really remembered how crazy awesome it is to have a career that is paying me while I am home on a personal leave. I didn’t have to ask permission or feel any guilt for it, either. That is just one beautiful benefit of a direct sales career. Every women deserves it.

I look this photo on my work tri-pod with the self timer. During the process I threw a temper tantrum that would blow the footie pajamas off of a three year old. I was so sad that we were losing our dog, and I wanted one dang perfect photo but nobody was listening! Why can’t my husband be flexible enough and sit normal! Violet, why are you doing a Senior Portrait Hand Thing? Henry, stop leaning! BLAH! I was a mad for no reason other than I was sad and didn’t want to deal with all these feelings.

But now I see that this photo was just as it was supposed to be.

I am still engaged and love my Norwex business. I am still a company top performer, a responsive and caring coach, a dedicated seller who bends over backward to serve my customers. I have just learned that I can slow down, pause, stop multi-tasking, and delegate so that I can go back to my list of Things That Matter. I have thousands of women who are watching me do my work, and I have what now feels like a responsibility, to be Less Do, More Be, because I want to be well, happy, fulfilled, peaceful, just as much as I want to be successful, and I want that for everyone else who I meet along my Norwex journey.

Less Do. More Be.






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