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Let’s Have a Norwex Show in September

Back to school. Am I the only mom who isn’t outraged when the spiral notebooks and glue sticks show up at Target? I’ll buy them all if you will take my kids and teach them things. Thanks, teachers. I used to be one, and I am so thankful for how hard you work, with so little resources, often without a lot of true support from many parents.

I had a really great Summer with my kids, we enjoyed it all, but when my days go back to a sense of routine with some brief periods of nobody talking to me, I am able to go back to doing things with intention, like shaving my legs, making meals, and working my Norwex business with peace and calm instead of running to and fro and juggling all the things that moms juggle.

So how about starting the school year off with new routines for your home? Your kids have new sharp pencils and backpacks, why not get YOUR stuff in order this time of year too? What’s a Norwex Demo look like? It’s a Healthy Home Makeover. If you want to learn about detoxing your body, as a woman who has beat Lyme disease, we can tailor your demo to teaching your friends how to pick products that will ensure optimal wellness if you have autoimmune or chronic health conditions.

Want to reduce your chance of cancer? Norwex has solutions for that too.

Just want to slog down a few bottles of wine and not talk about scary things but want to learn how to clean faster so you can get on with it already? I know how to do that kind of party too!

I have very limited dates left in September. Ask me for my schedule, or book for October or November right now!

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