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Which lids fit my Norwex products?

Which lids fit my Norwex products? That may seem like a silly question, but with a large line of liquid products, and a variety of nozzles and lids, I can assure you that I have even sat dumbfounded, trying to piece together the right fit!

I wish I knew who deserved credit for this photo, thank you fellow awesome Norwex consultant! Below you will notice which lid for which product.

One question I often get? Why does Odour Eliminator not come with a nozzle? And why is there a random “u” in Odour? (Those Canadian Roots and our humble beginnings are endearing, eh?!) Odour Eliminator is strong like bull. You are not going to use this product full strength on a regular basis. Diluting it with water will stretch it further, making it easy on your budget. Quick tip: Add 2 TB of Odour Eliminator, or “OE” as the cool kids call it to 1 Cup of water. Or 1:7 ratio for those of you who want to use it in larger applications. Use a capful of this product in the laundry to fight off the funk of smelly workout or Dry-Fit Funk. My word of caution- avoid washing on the hottest setting as this product uses the genius of enzymes to do the dirty work, and we don’t want to burn the enzymes to smithereens.  You can also add about 2-3TB of this liquid cleaner to your carpet cleaning machines, or put it in a spray bottle and spray areas that smell gross.

As a reminder– if you are using Norwex Mattress Cleaner, Descaler, or Oven and Grill Cleaner, and the spray nozzle seems broken or just insists on spraying out a weak foam, I have the solution for you! Simply open the little “screen” that is on the spray head and you will bypass this. Keep the screen on the spray bottle on, or down, if you are using Descaler in a highly gross and lime coated area, you might benefit from the slow foam, as it will take its time working on the dirty surface.

If you had to pick just ONE of the awesome products in this line-up, which one would you choose?

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