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The Norwex global mission is: Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.

We help families live safer and more sustainably with fewer chemicals, less plastic and less worry.

We help families live safer and more sustainably with fewer chemicals, less plastic and less worry – clean without compromise.


I was newly married and 23 years old. I had just graduated from college, had plans to start my teaching career, maybe go to grad school, and do some lazy Summer traveling with my husband.

Plans are sometimes just that—plans. My plans shifted when in January 2004, I stood up from sitting on the couch. Everything went black and I lost my balance. Call it a Mother’s intuition, but I knew I was pregnant.

Pregnant wasn’t in my “plan” so I spent a week crying, trying to reconcile that I was going to have a baby before I was really ready. I was too young to realize things seldom happen when we are “ready.”

In June of 2004 and a bulging 7 months along, I jumped in the shower to prepare for a doctor appointment. I slathered my hair with shampoo and covered my growing belly in an apple-scented body scrub. I’m a proverbial multi-tasker (aren’t most women?) so I sprayed the shower down with an All-Purpose Tub and Tile cleaner. It was becoming harder to shave my legs thanks to my gigantic mid-section but I lathered a pink shaving cream on to my legs as far as I could reach. (Hello hairy ankles!)

The combination of the smells permeating from the shower was overpowering. I began to dry heave and felt dizzy. I rinsed off, grabbed a towel, and sat down on the toilet to regain my balance.

That was my wake-up moment, and maybe my first “Mama-Bear” reaction. I needed to protect my unborn child. I had a feeling of immense responsibility for what was yet to come as I made the transition into motherhood. It felt absolutely overwhelming but also oddly thrilling.

I gathered every product I had just used in the shower and began calling the customer care numbers on the bottles. Was this stuff even safe to be using? My gut told me no but my obstetrician had only warned me to stay away from hot dogs and alcohol. Every company told me a similar version of the same message: There was no proof that any of their products would have a negative effect on my body or that of my unborn baby. One customer service representative actually addressed me in a way that would then alter my entire way of thinking, and then living:

“Honey, women get emotional when they are pregnant. You are probably over-reacting.” She gave me no actual statistics, information, or resources to give me the proof I really wanted and needed.

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