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Love the way you (Norwex) clean!

Norwex hosting in February looks like a whole lot of consumable and a great mix of our long-lasting, bacteria busting, famous and fantastic microfiber. If you have been using Norwex for several years, you will notice a throw-back product, our loved Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent.

We’ve gone back to the previous formula (and bag) of our detergent simply because this version gave the best results for the most people, in the most complex conditions of water qualities. You’ll see we are using the old branding for the time being as we help customers recognize that we have made the decision to bring back this favorite formula. What’s to love about this detergent? It’s powerful, you don’t need much, so it’s economical (about 1 tsp if you have a high efficiency washer and 1 TB if you are using a non high efficient washer. It’s safe for your body and more gentle on your clothing. It doesn’t kill the environment and pollute the waterways. It’s unscented– the only detergent you should be using on your clothing and especially your Norwex microfiber, is no dyes, no perfumed detergent. Need a refresh on how to wash your Norwex? Love on it and it will love you back!

Host a class/demo/party in your home or online with me next month and reset your cleaning routines with healthy, money saving, Earth loving products that will leaving you feeling accomplished and proud each time they use them! Why host? Educate your friends! I’ll taylor your party to your crowd and everyone leaves feeling empowered and motivated. Best part? Let Norwex gift you with a tremendous amount of free product as our sincere thank you!

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