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March Norwex Host Rewards

Been thinking about hosting a Norwex show this Spring?

March brings us DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME WOOOO! and perhaps a little more sunshine, which often leads to a spotlight on all the dust flying through the air. You know what I’m talking about, right? If it wasn’t dead skin cells, it would almost look magical when sun was illuminating the dust slowly flying around like magic special effects.

It’s a-ok with me if you see and understand the value our Norwex products provide. They are worth it. They last, they work hard, they do what we say they do. If you fill your shopping cart and check out, THANK YOU for supporting my small business. It’s how I show my children the advantages of working a flexible, at-home job while selling a product we are all proud of.

If your cart total freaks you out and you just can’t do it, then pause and consider how cool it is that you don’t have to buy the things you want when you are working towards cleaning with safer and smarter products. We still offer one of the most incredibly generous host reward packages in the industry, and consider how many other products you might really want but simply have no way to get at no cost. (If only Apple did this, because if I could host an Apple Workshop and get some new Airpods for free, I’d jump at that. Hello, I am a grown adult woman with 3 kids and I lost my Airpods!)

Here is a look at the rewards for March. But don’t forget, you also have the opportunity to build a great shopping spree as well. Host a show with 550 dollars in sales, get a 50 dollar shopping spree to use on whatever you want. Host a show with 1000 dollars in sales, that’s $120 in spending money to throw around in the air like you super duper care.

I love this company. I love my job. I adore my hosts who help me show other people how cleaning the modern way with mechanical microfiber is about the coolest and smartest thing you can do when you are ready. Make the healthy choice for yourself and for those you love.

Contact me if you’d like to know more.

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