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Maximizing Your Norwex Mop

Hey fellow friends. Can you even wrap your head around how far we are into Summer of 2019? Gah! Slow down, please. But also hurry up….. I am so grateful, (most days) for this flexible career that keeps me front and center of my young family, but I’m also reminded daily of how much work it is to keep this joint clean when everyone is living here all the time and not making their mess at school! *Thank you, teachers. Love ya long time.

I definitely have my own collection of personal favorite Norwex items that I use on a weekly and daily basis, my most depended on items that get the most heavy cleaning workouts. If you’ve been a Norwex Consultant/Team Member/Customer of mine over the last 8 years, you’ve noticed that the Norwex Mop System is something I talk about A.LOT. It’s what piqued my curiosity about this company despite my heavy skepticism, it’s why I hosted a party (cautiously and without a ton of gusto, I really didn’t think “cleaning with water” was anything other than a ridiculous-but-catchy tagline) and it’s ultimately the reason I decided to throw my ring in the Norwex Consultant hat and give this company a whirl.

I spend a lot of time now as a top Norwex Leader, dedicating my energy to showing other women how to build a fun, flexible and financially rewarding existence as a Norwex Consultant. Part time/Full Time, BIG TIME…. choose for yourself, I’m just here to be the tour guide for the type of journey you pick. Despite the accidental career as a Leadership Specialist (I made that title up, that’s another cool part of this job, you get to make up fun creative names for your job title.) I still do the Norwex OG job, which is showing up with my bag o’ rags and teaching classes/parties/demos in living rooms. When you make a decision to ditch the chemical way of cleaning and adopt a Norwex lifestyle, joining Norwex becomes a obvious and easy decision and less intimidating and overwhelming thanks to how integrated the products become in your daily routines.

When I’m not doing leading my team/ doing parties/using/crushing on Norwex and still loving and giving thanks for how this company has transformed our health, lifestyle, and financial future, I am spending Summer outside, paddling, beaching, reading, biking and doing my best to Clean LESS and Live More. So wash windows, mop floors, dust the bunnies and do it without the wack chemicals.

Want a Norwex Mop? The Rose Gold Nordic Naturals Floor System is back and up for grabs for our August Party Partners. Host a show, it’s done with fun and friendship in mind. Or if you are too busy in August with back to school on the brain, host online with me via Zoom or Facebook and feel no shame in your hosting game when we give you hundreds of dollars of free Norwex in exchange for your time. It’s worth it, ask anyone who has had a Norwex party!

My Thursday Tip for you… many of you know that our Dusting Mitt, when made wet, works as a slick screen cleaner. Leave the window screens in and wipe a damp Dusting Mitt over it. Did you know you can do the same thing with your Norwex Dry Mop Pad?

Let’s learn how:

Wet the Dry Mop pad. If you aren’t sure which pad is the dry one, look at the trim on the ends of the pad. It will say “Floor Dry.” It takes awhile to do this, be patient as the mop slowly absorbs the water.

Jelly roll it up and squeeze out some of the excess water.

Now take your Norwex Mop and lock the base. This stabilizes your base, making it easier to clean ceilings and windows.

You can use the mop to knock down dead bugs and cobwebs before you wet the dry pad, the advantage to using your Norwex Mop for this instead of a broom is the telescoping handle. Adjust the mop pole to the longest setting and you will have 5 and 1/2 feet of reach, taking you further than your average broom. Did you know you can also attach the EnviroWand to your mop pole for even further dusting reach? True story and super handy when you have lots of high ceilings and woodwork to un-dust.

Put the dry (but currently wet) pad (confusing, I know, just work with me here…. ) on the base and wipe it over your window screens. Up, down, up, down… the microfiber will do a great job using mechanical cleaning to remove dust, bird poo and debris from your screens from the outside, especially ones that are too high to reach with the dusting mitt.

Ta-da! You will have a pretty gross and filthy pad on your hand at this point. While Norwex requires less laundering thanks to our BacLock silver, you are going to want to peel of this mop pad and wash it. Use Norwex Detergent for the best results, toss it in the dryer, but be sure to pass on the dryer sheet and fabric softeners.

Do you have a Norwex Mop? Be sure you are using it for all it offers. Teach your kids, make your spouse use it, leave it out for a week until you get into the habit of grabbing it. Clean floors make for a healthy home, and our mop makes for an easier, faster, safer way of getting the job done smarter.

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