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Thanks for stopping by my online home. Maybe you have been invited to a Norwex party or have heard others talking about Norwex. Maybe you randomly found your way here. No matter– I’m glad you are visiting.

If we are meeting for the very first time, you might want to know something like, “What’s her story?”

Here goes…

My name is Amanda. I like being around generally happy people, the color teal, riding my cruiser, Netflix marathons, Lake Michigan, eating good food (and sometimes a strong drink) traveling to new places, random acts of kindness, and helping other women find their confidence, voice and purpose. Despite what I sell, I DON’T like cleaning!

I grew up in a small Wisconsin town with blue-collar, frugal parents who taught me that what I lacked in talent I could make up for in hard work. They were right.

My most recent background (before at-home mom) is elementary education. I am a forever retired classroom teacher, but I still use my classroom management techniques to control my adult party attendees. Norwex parties tend to get loud, fun, and lively!

Honestly? I used to make fun of direct sales, including (and not limited to) anyone who sold merchandise this way, everyone who went to parties and the people who hosted the parties. I once said, “Aren’t women fun enough? Why have a party and bring in a boring sideshow act and force your friends buy junk? *Ouch*

While catalog shopping, I would see bios and profiles highlighting women who had something called “downlines” of 500, 1000, 2000 salespeople. I told my husband: “Those ladies must be serving some crazy-strong Kool-Aid to get all those women selling stuff for them!”

I half-heartedly hosted my first Norwex party over a decade ago. My girlfriends were constantly raving about Enviro-this and Window Cloth-that. I hate being the last to know about what’s what, and I knew I was being a little stubborn. I also secretly longed for the Norwex Mop my friend Colleen had. The very blonde, perky and persistent consultant promised me a free mop, no matter what the turnout. Free. She had me at Free, it was my favorite F-word as a broke, stay-at-home mom with sticky vinyl floors.


Clean a window with two cloths and water and even the coldest of anti-party hearts can be warmed.

I had no idea how to sell things, especially rags, but 3 weeks after my party I joined Norwex. I was scared, but excited about teaching people to clean with water instead of chemicals. I also needed this chance to make a little money. We were broke. I won’t ever hide the fact that as a one-income family, we were not living a financially free or confident life. Money isn’t important, they say. Well money is pretty important when there simply isn’t enough.

Now when I look back I recognize that saying “yes” to hosting that party was a half-hearted “FINE, I’ll do it” that changed the course of my entire life.

So I jumped in and along the way, one party at a time, thousands of other women have seen the same thing I did: an opportunity to make a change, either professionally, personally, financially, or emotionally. Sometimes even all of the above.


It’s NEVER boring and full of adventures, personal growth, laughter and learning. I have become one of those women in the catalog, with a team of over 500 1500 2500 5000+ change-makers who are all part of a mission to reinvent the way America cleans.

We believe in what we do, we are dedicated to leaving our planet a safer and healthier place. We can’t do it alone.

I have the dedication and track record of success to help other women all over the United States find as much happiness, freedom, and support in their job as I have found. I hope you will consider choosing me as your consultant or sponsor.

Contact me for a one-on-one conversation that won’t leave you feeling pushed or prodded. I’ll respect your time and decisions.

And no, I don’t serve Kool-Aid. It stains. (But we do have a cloth for that).

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