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Modernize Your Mop

Still using a bucket and sponge mop? Are you on your hands and knees scrubbing the floor? Using a disposable dry/wet system that’s costing you serious money for refills each time you hit Target? Maybe you are hardly cleaning the floors at all. Let’s be honest…

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 8.31.30 PM

Floor cleaning doesn’t have to be one of your most dreaded chores. At my house, my kids honest to goodness FIGHT over who gets to mop the floor.


Earn the Norwex Mop for free when you gather some friends and host a party. Scared to commit to hosting? Keep it simple by hosting a Saturday Morning Muffins & Microfiber. (Or margaritas if you are a really fun girl.) Invite your co-workers to the break-room after work. Have 6 friends meet at a local coffee shop or bar, and I will pop in to do your demo. Or, host a catalog or Facebook party by collecting orders!

4 years ago TODAY I had 8 gals in my tiny house to learn about Norwex. I wasn’t convinced Norwex was a legitimate thing, and I wasn’t really thrilled about hosting. 2 hours later I knew that there was an opportunity being laid out in front of me but I was scared to death to join. I joined anyway and with the help and support of a few friends, launched my business and now career with Norwex.

It’s time to Modernize your Mop and step into the new generation of home and body cleaning with Norwex!


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