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Mop Month- It’s BACK!

I’m thrilled to be able to post this– Norwex Mop Month is back! After a hiatus due to extreme high demand for our products, we are back to having nearly the entire product line back in stock. That means we can get back to days of old (think pre 2020!) and give away our beloved Mop System once again.

Fun fact: My Norwex Mop system is 9 years old, and I too, hosted a Norwex party to earn it for free. Many of my Mom friends had one, raved about it, and I had a little Mop FOMO. Back then, springing for $100+mop was simply not in our weak little budget, so I begrudgingly hosted a Norwex show to get one for free.

Yes, I DID NOT want to host a Norwex party. So many Norwex consultants can echo this sentiment. Party aversive, I tried to dodge party invites like the playground balls that 6th grade boys used to hurl at my head in gym class. I was always the tall one, you can’t even begin to understand how that was a major liability when it comes to being an easy target.

So, here we are. Our business plan is simple. We ask you to gather some friends who value their time, their health, their household budget. We work with you to tailor a presentation that suits the interests of your group. Practical products that make your home a safer haven will appeal to so many of your friends and family, and we leave you with the tools to take action.

Host a show in February, take advantage of Norwex Mop Month, and partner with us as we empower you to make your home a cleaner place to play, live, and breathe.

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If you are not hosting in February but are on the hunt for a Norwex sale, don’t miss the Customer Specials! The Textured Weave Kitchen Cloths have quickly become a Norwex Consultant go-to and preferred version of our Kitchen Cloths and Towels.

If you are swapping to safer hair care products in 2021, our CU2FEB sale is a perfect way to trial run our new Lysere hair care line. The Protecting Spray is amazing- it doesn’t smell like super strong department store perfume and it does an amazing job at keeping your hair healthier. It’s paired with a limited edition (and smaller, which I love) Body and Face Pack.

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