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Mops Mops Mops Mops!

The reason I accidentally became a Norwex Consultant 8 years ago all started with my hatred for dirty floors and an even deeper revulsion for cleaning them. That’s a pretty tricky situation then. What do you dislike more? The dirty floor or having to clean them? It was a close tie at the DeSonia home.

Every so often Norwex gets real super sweet on our hosts and whips out the GrandDaddy of all host gifts. THE MOP SYSTEM. I mean, yes, I know, some of you are reading this with one eyebrow raised, thinking, “No mop will ever excite me. The word Mop itself is the most blah and meh of all words. Mop.”

The truth is, most women are still doing the Lioness Share of the housework. Even if you have a partner helping, or you’ve trained the lion cubs to help, most of it still falls on you. You are stretched. You are working, either full time or at home with the kids, you have meals to make and never-ending pile of school papers and bills you swear you are going to get to. The mail piles up. Your car needs washing, you probably need washing, the wash needs washing, someone needs a dentist appointment made and you are freaking tired. A lot is expected and required of you, and it’s just not possible to do it all. Especially the pressure to keep a house clean and tidy like your Grandma did, and I bet a lot of you had Grandmas who had more time on their hands than we do now.

This is where Norwex swoops in like the hero it is and says, “here my lovely, let me HELP you!” If Norwex could talk, I imagine it would whisper this in a really kind, cute, old neighbor-lady with a tray of fresh warm cookies type of voice. You get to make a choice at this point. You can take the help and accept it with grace, or you can be a martyr and stubbornly refuse. Don’t do that to yourself! Norwex loves to help. Let Norwex help.

So hosting a party in April is how you can help yourself. 2 bottles of wine, 6-8 friends, and a night to say WE QUIT the normal grind of Mom Life and we are spending an evening laughing with friends. I’ll teach you how to reclaim your most valuable asset; your TIME. With a little effort, we can gift you the Norwex Mop System and a whole big collection of other items that will make your cleaning a healthier, safer, Earth-kinder process.

Live in the Chicago/Madison/ Milwaukee metro area? I also do one-on-one in home consults. We will spend 60 or 90 minutes working together to examine your needs and will make an action plan on how to detox your home and start implementing easy new healthy habits. Contact me to set up a time to work with me.

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