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All the NEW Fall Norwex Products for 2018!

It’s the happiest time of year for a  Norwex Consultant! New products and new colors have been released for 2018, with a secondary launch happening in October of 2018. You’ll noticed that our color pallet continues to modernize, with more neutrals, which will appeal to those who want their Norwex to blend seamlessly with their homes.

Were you one of the fast-acting few who got their hands on the Norwex Counter Cloth House when it first came out? It sold out so dang quickly that many of you were left feeling pretty bummed. It’s here again, and I know this one will be a very popular product from here on out. It’s perfect for holding and displaying your Counter Cloths, and I have found that if it’s front and center by your sink, you’ll be much more likely to pass on the paper towel and will grab a Counter Cloth instead.

Other notable additions this fall include Norwex Fan Favorite Travel Cloths evolving into a pack of 5 instead of 4, and in prettier colors. If you love the Travel Cloths, pick up one of the Reusable Wipes Bags, the prints are now on trend and are the perfect way to travel with your Norwex. Use it to store your Body Cloths when you head home after being on the go, or put your damp Travel Cloths in it and skip the hand sanitizers and chemical filled hand wipes.

Both versions of our Laundry Soap have been improved and updated, as you will continue to see Norwex be a leader in the safe-product movement as we say Heck No to ingredients that don’t exceed our standards. I love that about Norwex. We won’t put your safety and health on the line for results, we find ingredients that work but are mindful of your body and our planet.

There are always ways to outfit your home with Norwex- become a consultant on my team and join a group of 6000+ women and men who are here to make a difference but have fun doing it, and buy to your heart’s content with that 35% discount that we love so much. Or, host a Norwex party with me and earn a boatload of Norwex for your effort. Your pick!

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