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New Norwex Catalog 2021

It’s here, and it looks dang good!

I’ve had the pleasure of being a Norwex consultant and a top leader for our company for nearly a decade, and new catalogs are always a little bit like Christmas Came Early!

New products, new colors, new layout and a crisp new catalog always feels like a fresh and fun new way to capture the attention of people who are new to Norwex, and it’s a way to remind our long time customers that we are always innovating when it comes to green cleaning. We practically invented it!

Here is your first look at the Norwex catalog for for 2021! If you are one of my customers who has asked me for a catalog, I have put you on the list and it should arrive in early 2021. If you are ready to add some of these new colors or products to your home, you can do that as soon as the new year starts.

I’ll be showcasing them in a show-n-tell format LIVE in a Facebook Room for you as well, be sure to save the date for that by sending me a message and I’ll be sure you are in the loop.

Nothing has changed as far as how you can makeover your home. We still offer the most ridiculously generous host plan that will allow you to stock your home with the items you want (for free) while we get your friends and family tuned in to the Norwex lifestyle. Help them swap out their sprays and wipes for smarter, sleeker, safer cleaning methods.

(I am SO excited and in need of that new Porcelain Sink Organizer!)

Fellow Norwex Consultants, meet me over on our Team Facebook Page for all the training, support, and tips for how to get familiar with what we have to look forward to in 2021!

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