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New Norwex Products for 2015

Christmas comes early if you love Norwex! I was given an inside look at all of our new and updated Norwex products earlier this Fall. Keeping my mouth shut has been hard, I haven’t even been able to tell my husband!new_Norwex_products_2015

In a nutshell….

I’m proud of our commitment to making all of the Norwex products both effective, yet made of smart and safe ingredients. It’s what brought me to Norwex and it’s what will keep me here. I can confidently stand behind our products and I am excited to be a leader and a consultant who helps make your home a safe haven.

You will see our #1 seller, Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent sporting the HE label. You will find it performs even better than our previous formula, and continues to be the premier way to care for your Norwex.  I have found it to extend the life of all of my clothes, especially my colors and I feel comfortable using it on my sensitive-skin kids.

Stain Remover– our traditional Dish Liquid was often used as a stain treater as often, if not more often, than a dish soap. We have taken out un-needed ingredients to make it safer and positioned it for stain patrol in the laundry room. (Or every room, if you have kids like mine.)

Dishwashing Liquid–a total makeover from our old version. Thank you Norwex, for hearing us. We asked for a no SLS, no SLES, no dye dish soap and they came to the sink with this. Essential oil of Clementine gives it an uplifting scent.

Dish Cloth— my customers know this cloth as ‘Eleanor’ and that I wouldn’t do dishes with anything else. Now in Blue, think of it as the Dish Cloth in Camo. Smart Norwex, very smart.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 9.39.07 PM

Fresh Wash is back, a welcome addition to the kitchen. I love to pair it with our Veggie and Fruit Scrub cloth to make sure our food is really clean before being eaten. The Fresh Wash bonus is that you will increase the life of your produce. No more money being tossed into the garbage (or compost pile!)

I am most excited of all about our new clean formula Body Care line. I will have these items at my January parties and can’t wait to let you sample them. The new packaging melts my eco-friendly heart. Less plastic is more, and check out all the junk that ISN’T in our new line. Protect your largest organ, your skin, by only putting safe skin care on our body!

How do you add these products to your Smart, Safe Haven Home? Host a party in 2015 and get them free, or contact me and I will have them ordered and sent to you on January 1st. Want them all plus more? Join our movement as a Norwex Consultant in 2015 and make this YOUR year of change!





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