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New Products are Here! Host a Show in August

Our new products have dropped, and whoa, was it a heavy launch!

We’ve brought so many new Norwex solutions to the mix over the years that I often wonder HOW we continue to come up with innovative, healthy, purposeful products year after year. Did you know that many of the products we bring to you come from the suggestions of people like you? Consultants are often able to share their ideas and modifications to existing products, and Norwex listens!

In fact, this new launch has been so successful (and in combination with incredibly high sales in general) that some of the things you will see here have already gone in and out of stock since they have been made available. If there is something you are waiting for, let me know, I’ll keep you in the loop and can order it for you as soon as it’s back again. If it’s available now and you have been eyeing it, don’t wait! Our inventory can change rapidly do to Norwex being hot stuff/in demand/awesome and you don’t want to be a sad face human for not jumping on the products you need!

As always- you can be a beloved customer (thank you!) and pay retail for our products.

You can host a Norwex show following social distancing protocols, or do a virtual class with Facebook or Zoom. Our hosting plan (see below) continues to be one of the most jaw-dropping generous across the party-plan industry.

Or, be a smart one and start a side hustle with a purpose this fall. Joining 9 years ago was one of the most impactful decisions I have ever made in my adult life. We need more advocated for healthy cleaning in the USA and we have a spot for you.

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