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New Year, New Catalog, New Norwex Products!

It’s post-Christmas which is just as exciting for anyone who loves Norwex. New products are here and available, and I have had time to incorporate many of them into my daily cleaning and self care and personal care routines. We keep on keepin’ on with a commitment to offering you products that reduce chemicals, make cleaning safer and easier, and protect our planet. We’ve been doing this for over 2 decades, and that means we are the OG in the Green Life (I sort of say that in my head like Thug Life but really the edgiest thing I have done in the last year is go through the Express Lane at the grocery with 14 items instead of 10.)

So what’s new for 2020?

First off, you are going to notice we are working hard to cut down on irresponsible and unnecessary packaging. Case in point, as a consultant, my catalogs used to be packaged in plastic. Now, they arrive to me held together in a narrow paper band. More and more of the products you buy from Norwex will arrive to you in recyclable wrapping, and before you tear that off and get to using your Norwex, many of the packaging papers have use and care information printed on them so you might want to save them!

Lots of new products have been added to the product line, and I’ll be sharing more about these items, why you need them, and how to get them as we progress through the month of January.

Would you like to jump in and watch a Live video as I give you the details on my favorites from the Norwex 2020 launch? Join me over on Facebook on January 14th at 8pm. You’ll need a link, so message me if you’d like to join, or text me at 262-676-2745!

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