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“No-So:” How I quit using soap and kept my friends.

It’s been three years since I’ve used a bar of soap or shower gel on my body.

Before your mind draws a mental picture of me, I’ll share that I don’t have dreadlocks, I shave my arm pits, and we do having running water in our house!

Is soap even necessary when
bathing? If you had a Mom or a Grandma then you were certainly told it was– but I always felt slimy and less clean after lathering with a bar of soap. When I heard a fellow Norwex consultant explain that a microfiber Norwex Body Cloth could easily and effectively clean your skin without soap, I jumped on the “No- So” wagon.

How can you get clean without soap? Well you might be getting less clean with it! I depend on and trust a workhorse microfiber cloth that features fibers that act like tiny fingers to remove anything on my body that needs removing. From face paint to temporary tattoos, this microfiber removes stubborn stuff, so I know it’s certainly removing the funk too. (Girls don’t get funk, I’m just speaking in general terms. 😉 ) An added awesome Norwex bonus is BacLock, microsilver within the fibers that mean your body cloths self-purify between uses. Goodbye stinky washcloths and toss out your germy loofa!

Want to learn more soap and why you should consider retiring it in 2015?
Read more about the gross truth about the germs on your bar of soap here and get yourself a Body Pack by ordering here!


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