new to norwex? start here

New to Norwex? Start Here!

What is Norwex, and how do you use Norwex Microfiber products? Wondering which cloths you should buy if you are Norwex beginner? There are many ways to embrace Norwex. Buy some of our practical products, host a party and earn your products for free, or join me and become a Norwex Consultant and I’ll be your person guide and coach, whether you are looking for a new career or a discount on your Norwex products.

If you are here looking for Norwex product guidance, here is your no-fail, must-have, 3 pack of cloths you absolutely must start with when entering the world of cleaning without chemicals.

Enviro Cloth Use the Enviro Cloth first. Wondering which cloth is the Enviro Cloth? The name tag on the cloth will help you remember.  Get it wet. Wipe your dirty surface. It just cleaned your yuck with no chemicals and it removed 99% of bacteria as an added bonus. Stand back, admire your clean surface, and wait for your jaw to drop. Learn more here.

Window Cloth If your surface has shine-ability (windows, mirrors, shower doors, granite counters, stainless appliances, car windows, stemware) then go ahead and dry your damp surface with the purple Window Cloth. Learn more here.

Dusting Mitt Do the chore you probably hate most faster, safer, and more effectively. Pop on a Norwex Dusting Mitt and wipe your surfaces. Shake it off outside after you are done, or get one of my favorite tools for managing pet hair, the Rubber Brush and use it to thoroughly clean the mitt. Learn more about the Mitt here. (It comes in kid sizes too!)

Buy all three of these cloths as the Household Package for a savings.

Want to learn more about the products I love most? You’ll get a in-depth look at my very favorites by reading more about Norwex for Newbies!

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