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Norwex consultant benefits….must enjoy free drinks and food!

Will work to travel!

I never-ever-ever thought Norwex would become my vehicle for seeing the world. And then… it did.

Most of my friends went on a Spring Break Trip in college, or did some fun vacations with their husbands before they started a family.

I followed a different plan, one that involved a wedding, a baby REALLY soon after the wedding, and a whole mess of student loan debt. Another baby came shortly after, and my dreams of being a well-rounded and well-traveled women sailed off into the sunset with the car seats and a mini-van.

5 years ago when I joined Norwex, I rolled my eyes at the idea of being the kind of consultant who could earn a free trip. I had a husband who had a job that required travel and now a third baby. I was going to join Norwex because our one income, no money left over at the end of the month, still paying off college debt budget was NOT going to let me afford to buy the 64 things I had circled in the Norwex catalog. I needed to get it all at 35% off and I was going to do one party a month to make about 200 dollars to put towards a car payment.

Then that changed. I decided to be a girl who went for it. And now I get to show other women how to avoid the mistakes I made, I teach them how to have a job that’s actually fun but purposeful. You can be a girl who gets your Norwex at 35% off because you want 64 things or you can be a girl who decides to change her life. You pick.

(One more party and I’ve earned my daughter Violet’s trip to Panama. I decided that when each of my kids turned 10, they would get to go on a one-on one trip with me to the Norwex destination that fell on their decade year of life.)

Want to learn more about Norwex products or about becoming a consultant? Reach out, let’s connect.

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