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Norwex Chenille Hand Towels- Cleaner, Healthier Hand Washing and Drying! *How to Hang it too!

Come to a Norwex party and attempt to NOT fondle the Chenille Hand Towel! I love being able to pass this genius little product around the room, it always ends up on someone’s lap, being petted like a miniature poodle. Not only are they fun to look at, the Norwex Chenille Hand Towels feature our super-smart BacLock, and they are designed to hold on tight to your towel bar, dishwasher handle, or oven handle. This also means less laundry for you, because you won’t find it tossed on the floor or in the sink. Every Mom has walked into the bathroom at some point and found her hand towel in a place it should NEVER be.

If you have purchased the Norwex Chenille Hand Towel and are struggling to figure out how to hang it correctly? I made a video for you!

For the last seven years I have been a Norwex Hand Towel Only home, and it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to make hand washing and hand drying a healthier, safer, more pleasant cleaning routine. Is there anything as gross as a stinky hand towel? (That’s a very loaded question, every mom out there has encountered something grosser, but it’s right up there in the eww factor, amiright?)

If the Chenille Hand Towels aren’t your thing, don’t forget to check out our more traditional Norwex hand towels that are lighter but also feature the self-purifying feature of the added BacLock. I love the new “denim” color. What’s your favorite shade?



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