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Norwex Christmas Gifts. My Top 6 (Affordable!) Suggestions


Being a small business owner and work at home mama means you have the fun task of learning how to be comfortable enough in your own skin to stand or sit with 5-10 people and share what you believe in and love. I have had so much fun coaching formally scared out of their britches women to Girl Boss Public Speaking Queens, and it’s because little by little you get more comfortable being uncomfortable.

Today I made a video highlighting my top Affordable Norwex Gift Suggestions for Christmas and while editing (who I am I kidding, I still don’t edit, it’s on my list of things to learn)  I had to stop and stare at my own face. Do I really look that goofy when I am talking about Norwex? Well, clearly yes I do, and that goofy look might sound nicer if I called it passion instead. These are my passion poses. HA!

Anyway, here you go. Norwex Gifts on the Cheap– Click to see some of my top picks for this holiday season that are easy on the wallet and the Earth!

Call/Text to purchase 262 939 5926 or visit my website at

Stainless Steel Straws (4 pack) 

Optic Scarf

Fruit and Veggie Scrub Cloth

Silicone Cup Lids 

Travel Pack

Timeless Rescue Gel 


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