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Norwex Cleaning Paste- A household must-have!


Norwex Cleaning Paste was one of the first Norwex products I went nuts for! Its versatility, safe ingredients, and longevity make it a big seller and a must-have in every home. Use your Enviro Cloth for almost all big cleaning jobs, but when you need more “elbow grease,” this what you reach for. It’s a huge space saver, because it takes the place of all of your scrubbing/abrasive cleaners that are cluttering your cupboards. (Dab a little out with a damp Enviro Cloth or a Spirisponge, a little goes a long way!)

I earned my Cleaning Paste free almost 3 years ago when I hosted a show and I still use that same jar! You can earn it free too- along with hundreds of dollars of additional Norwex items when you host either a live-show, a Facebook Party, or a Catalog Show!

*Contains: Marble Flour, Chalk Natural Soap, Trace Amounts of Coconut Oil.

The basic, safe ingredients mean I give it the Fussy Amanda Safe Seal of Approval!


There are so many uses for Cleaning Paste. Here are 20 of my favorites.

Stainless and Porcelain Sinks

Chrome! Got a Motorcycle or hubcaps?

Streaks on Your Stainless Appliances (*TEST IN AN INCONSPICUOUS AREA FIRST!)

Flat Top Stoves (TEST, but I’ve restored hundreds of stoves to like-new!)

Sticker residue

Scuff-marks on shoes

Grout (use with an old toothbrush or nail brush)

Scuffs and marks on walls

Bathtub grime

Rust stains

Film and hazy build-up on car headlights

Sharpie and Magic Marker accidents

Ink stains on counters

Patio furniture

Glassware and other food containers

Dirty kids toys

Polishing your pots and pans

Some carpet stains (use with the Enviro Cloth!)

Handles of your refrigerator

Stains in the microwave

And the list goes on!

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