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Norwex Customer and Hostess Specials and Gifts for April, 2018

It’s SPRING cleaning time!  These are the weeks to tackle all of those cluttered spots, pull out all the furniture and clean in the hidden and ignored spots, scrub down those walls, baseboards, and cupboards, and mop the floors. See below, you’ll be doing it with the best freaking mop ever invented. Summer is on the horizon, and the last thing ANYONE wants to be doing come warm weather season is cleaning. No thank you very much.

April is an idea month to host a Norwex party, because everyone of your friends and family members could use a little jump start, or a kick in the butt, per say, to get their cleaning ju-ju back. Gather 7-8 friends, serve some simple snacks (I have suggestions and links to how to make this super easy!) and get excited about showing your loved ones how to start caring about their cleaning routines, the planet we habitat, and their pocketbook. Norwex has a notorious reputation for sending you giant box of freebies in appreciation for taking the time to support our mission and my small business.

If you are on the fence about hosting a Norwex party, or if you live out of driving distance from Illinois and Wisconsin, ask me how the wonder of technology can bring me LIVE to your living room or Facebook account for a party that will still inspire, educate and motivate you to change the way you clean, forever and ever Amen.


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