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Norwex Dryer Balls. I love these balls!

Norwex Dryer Balls, a top 10 seller and a product I always talk about at parties. I get REALLY excited when I get to talk about balls, because everyone needs a set or two for their healthy home. Someday I will learn to juggle and that will add some super extra awesome flair to my Norwex presentations.

If you are still using fabric softeners and dryer sheets, please stop that nonsense. Those companies have you fooled into thinking they are a necessary part of your laundry routine. They aren’t. Years of Norwex parties and thousands of conversations with customers have helped me understand most people are hooked on the smell, not the performance.

Why ditch those products and pick up balls instead?

  1. Norwex Dryer Balls soften, fluff, reduce wrinkles, cut static, and lessen dry time. That’s better for your clothes all around.
  2. They are safe, chemicals free, and natural! Who wants to bathe in a coating of chemical residue all day while sporting your favorite outfit? If you have skin conditions or sensitive skin, detoxing your laundry room will be one of the most simple changes you make towards a healthier life!
  3. Save yourself some money. Each time you replace one of your consumable cleaning products with a Norwex item, you’ll save money. I love being able to go to Target and prance myself right on by the cleaning aisle instead of walking down it. I high-tail right on over to the pillow aisle instead, because a woman always needs more throw pillows amiright?

Watch the video and learn some extra helpful ball hacks and tricks and let me know, have you switched to #teamballs?


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