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Norwex Father’s Day Gifts

norwex-gifts-for-fathers-day.jpgFather’s Day is approaching, which means we all rush out this month to buy Dad….. what? Socks? A tie? A fishing pole? My Dad asked for underwear one year, and while I consider myself close to him, I had to draw the creepy line at Hanes. No thank you very much.

It’s hard for me to specifically choose “Men Norwex” items, because every man I have ever lived with (only a few, don’t get all judge-y) has done a big chunk of the cleaning. My Dad always worked more than one job, and my Mom worked outside of the home as well, usually retail jobs which meant weekends shifts and some evenings. My Dad is hands down, the hardest working Man I know but he also worked a rather odd shift which meant he was home by late morning. He was the parent at home after school waiting for my sister and I. Dinner prep was frequently one of his roles as well. He made beds and cleaned the kitchen. My Mom stripped, sanded, and stained doors and other pieces of furniture and taught herself to put up drywall, so gender roles were all blurry when I was growing up in the 1980’s and 90’s. I am darn grateful for that.

My job with Norwex takes me into many, many homes, which I love. I get to be a guest, but more often a friend to my hostesses and I usually to find out “who does what” when it comes to keeping house. From families who have cleaning crews, to women who do 100% of the domestic duties, to an increasing amount of families who share the work between everyone who has a bed under the roof, I see it all. More and more men have been sticking around during Norwex shows. They ask great questions. The often add great supporting facts that I appreciate. Sometimes they heckle but that’s when I toss an Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth at them and ask them to put a sock in it and clean a window. Give a man a Basic Set and watch him become a fast believer in Norwex!

Here are some of my Top Sellers for Dad:

Oven and Grill Cleaner +Spirinetts (My husband’s #1 favorite Norwex item) You have never seen a grill cleaned so fast, without the scary harsh chemicals. Enzymes for cleaning are awesomeeee.

Sport Towel– So crazy absorbent, and Antibac so Dad can use and abuse after any physical activity and yet it will require infrequent washing.

Car Cloth and Car Wash Mitt– Wash your car or motorcycle with just water. It sounds crazy, I know. The Norwex workhorse microfiber will lift all the dirt and salt and bird poo off with just water. Makes hand washing a car faster, easier, and is better for both your car and the environment. No chemicals going down the street drains.

Order Dad’s gifts by June 6th to ensure delivery for his big day!


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