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Norwex Healthy Home for the Holidays

November is here, and many of us have already become more accustomed to more time at home. Days have gotten considerably shorter as of late- #bandaylightsavingstime and for the next few months, many of us will find that we spend nearly a ridiculous amount of time indoors.

While I am a huge fan of having the right gear for always spending time outside and I spend a significant amount of my salary at REI to prove it, it’s just inevitable that many of our routines will involve indoor activities.

Now, more than ever- it’s essential to take small steps to make sure that the space you are spending your time in is primed to be a healthy environment. Your body doesn’t need the burden of excess and unnecessary chemicals, and making the indoor air and surfaces you touch clean without toxic chemicals is one of the easiest steps you can take to transition your home to a healthier, safer space to live and play.

Enter Norwex. We make this one easy transition, and if you want to make it cost effective to swap out of the Mr. Yuck for the power of mechanical, intentional, green cleaning that WORKS, host a Norwex show.

We are famously known for giving you an obnoxious amount of free Norwex for partnering with us and hosting a workshop. While my 9 year career and top Norwex team was built on the foundation of face to face home parties, we have made the transition to digital sharing and teaching. That means you can teach your Aunt across the country, your co-workers from years ago, your cousins and old family friends how to use and love Norwex while doing it safely with the help of the online party format.

Here are the gifts for November. Host a workshop. Say yes to a cleaner home. Give those you love the tools to learn how make empowered decisions to remove chemicals in their homes while embracing the easier, rewarding Norwex lifestyle.

Check out the Norwex Host Rewards for November. A very achievable $550 dollar in sales show (and one friend who books their own show) will amaze you- it’s like Christmas came early x 10!

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