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Norwex Host Rewards in October

Have you been thinking of hosting a Norwex show?

Our company was built on the generous hospitality of our hosts. For over two decades, we’ve asked to enter your living room and chat with your friends and family about how cleaning mechanically makes a lot more sense than cleaning chemically.

This small group format allowed us to explain our mission in a casual, fun, interactive environment. It left many feeling inspired and even a little (or a LOT) motivated to go home and clean all the things.

ENTER COVID-19 and what’s a Home Party Plan Business to do?!

Thousands of can do/will do Norwex consultants went virtual. And things went wild. We were suddenly reaching more homes than ever before. Demand went through the roof. People decided that while they had been meaning to learn about Norwex cleaning for years, they now had the time and interest to learn about alternative but superior ways to take care of their home, body, and indoor air.

We are still bringing you the best host plan in the direct sales industry. Partner with us by hosting a Norwex party, a Norwex workshop, a Norwex Zoom Demo, a Facebook Event- whatever you want to call it, it’s a passionate person willing and excited to show you and your loved ones the reasons for choosing the Norwex lifestyle.

Love these rewards? Let me know by hosting a Norwex party or become a Norwex consultant and discover how you can create a flexible, fun, rewarding side gig with a purpose!

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