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Norwex Hostess and Customer Specials August 2015

It’s that special time of year, it’s Christmas in July for everyone who loves Norwex! Why? Because the NEW Norwex products are being launched! I serve on an advisory committee for Norwex, and one exciting privilege is getting to learn about and use all the top secret new products before they are available to the public. This year’s launch is GOOD STUFF and you August hostesses are really in for a treat, you’ll be getting ONE if not more of these surprises next month for free!

new_Norwex_productsOur Superior Mop Hosting Gift has been extended another month! Summer is your chance to earn your Norwex Floor Cleaning system. What else is in it for you?  Fun time with your friends before this summer slips away! (Sob! No! Say it ain’t so!)

Norwex is known for their extreme generosity. Without hostesses, we wouldn’t be able to share the tips, tricks, and do our demos so that every customer is confident and excited to evolve into a chemical free cleaning household. Norwex is EASY to use and works, but our home parties serve as a mini-class on How-To. Do you like shopping sprees? We give them! My typical Summer hostess earns over $90 dollars in shopping spree money on top of the gifts in the image below!

Love surprises? I already have ALL THE NEWLY RELEASED PRODUCTS! Shhhhh! I’m sworn to secrecy but my customers and hostesses will be the FIRST people in the USA to see the new products. Save your August party date today. Contact me today, my dates are almost filled!

August 2015 Norwex Hostess SpecialsScreen Shot 2015-07-15 at 3.01.18 PM

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