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Norwex Hostess and Customer Specials for September, 2017!

It’s back to school. Are you happy about that or sad? This is always such a mixed emotion time of year for me. I am SO ready for routine but semi-sad to put the Summer to rest.

One thing I am definitely NOT sad about is my house staying cleaner! However I leave it in the morning is what it’s going to look like when I get home. Speaking of that, NOTE TO SELF: don’t leave the house a pig sty in the morning.

So here are the September Hostess Specials and Customer Sales for September 2017. I have one party date left in September. Just ONE!  Do you want it? Get it girl. September 26th, let’s Norwex you. If you are letting fear get in your way, let me help.

  1. Your friends already know what your house looks like and they aren’t judging you. (Or if they are, why are they your friends?) Stop that. Don’t be friends with people like that.
  2. You are feeling bad that your house is too small? Again, stop that. Do you have a sofa and 2 dining room chairs? You have room for a Norwex party. Do you have no sofa but a dining room table and 5 chairs? You have room for a Norwex party! Or let’s party somewhere else. I have done parties in coffee shops, bars, restaurants, backyards, and even a tattoo parlor. For real. It was awesome and no I did not get a tattoo but I did think about it.
  3. You are worrying that nobody will show up? Ok, that’s a legit reason to worry. But here is what I know to be true. I will show you HOW to get people to show up. Let’s keep your expectations realistic. You don’t want 20 people to show up, I don’t expect that, and you don’t need that to happen to have a great party. You, me, and 5 friends/neighbors/relatives can make for a banging Norwex party.

Thank you for gathering the people you love and teaching them a better way to clean and care for their home, body and the Earth, and THANK YOU for supporting my small business by hosting a home or Facebook Live Party with me!



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