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Norwex Hostess and Customer Specials-September 2016

It’s time to fall back into regularly scheduled programming! Fall is upon us, and it’s home party season once again!

Did you know my typical hostess has a party with 750 dollar in sales? Let’s play pretend– say you host in September, have a 750 dollar party, 10 orders, and 1 booking. (1 person decides they too, want to get the Norwex goodness.) I pulled all of the products out so you could get a better look-see, ’cause seeing is believing!


What’s not pictured is your Host Credit, or Norwex Bucks as I call them. Norwex is offering more credit than usual next month. A party described above would earn you 140 dollars in Norwex Bucks to spend on anything in the catalog. 

What if you are atypical? Well, then you get more. Or you get a little less. (But you always get free Norwex!)

I made a little video to show you each and every product you’ll stock your home with. Put your purse away, keep your credit card locked up. You never need to bust the budget to become a Norwex healthy home. Host a party, or become a consultant for an everyday 35% discount.

I have 3 party/demo dates left for September. Grab your date before they go. I travel to several areas of Wisconsin and Illinois and do online/live virtual parties as well and would love to share faster, safer, smarter cleaning with those you love.



Norwex Customer Specials September 2016

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