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Norwex Hostess and Customer Specials for December!

December is for family, friends, and festivities! Your home looks its best. It’s cozy season and rather than become victim to the holiday chaos, you can opt out in small but intentional ways. I have 6 women hosting Norwex Nights in December in celebration of healthy homes and winter cheer. What I love most about December parties is that it gives your friends and family a slow-paced, fun way to check off some of their gift-buying needs!

I can add ONE more Norwex party to my December Calendar and still stay sane. After that, go on my wait-list in the event that one of my hostesses should have to cancel.

If you are not hosting a Norwex show in December, be sure to check out the December Customer Specials. The Pomegranate Kitchen Cloth and Towel is my FAVORITE kitchen item I own (second place is my Vitamix!) This Cloth and Towel set is Norwex at its best. Pick it up as a gift for your Mother-in-Law, Aunt or Sister, or gift it to anyone who has a kitchen. Everyone will love that super thirsty towel and the matching cloth which keeps your kitchen surfaces clean and healthy without un-needed chemical exposure.

Need a gift for Dad? Stop buying him socks! Try the Norwex December Gifts for the Car Connoisseur package. I use the grey Car Cloth to dry my car after a car wash, I often get asked in the parking lot what cloths I am using!





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