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Norwex Hostess and Customer Specials for July, 2018

Mops are back! Have you been holding out and lusting over the Norwex Mop System? Did you know you can earn one for free, and then some? It’s normal (and crazy, but legit to take home 300-400 dollars of free product as a thank you for hosting a Norwex show.)

I use my Norwex Mop in the Summer more than any other season. When all the kids are home for break, I get NO break when it comes to keeping the floors clean. What’s great about this system? It’s sturdy, it comes with a warranty, there is nothing to toss out and re-buy to make it work, it’s fast, it’s safe, kids can use it, the handle reaches higher and lower, and  it slides under hard-to-reach places and spaces.

Last night I did a party for a group of friends and at the end, one girl said, “This is not what I was expecting. It was fun and so interesting, I thought it would be so boring.” I laughed aloud and appreciate that reaction each time I get it.  Yes, cleaning parties sound like pins in the eyes. I bring a whole lot of passion and a lot of fun to your home because life is short: Clean less, Live More AND ain’t nobody got time for boring parties!

Host a Norwex Patio Party with a bottle of chilled wine and teach your friends and family how to clean in a modern, intentional, easy way.

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