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Norwex Hostess and Customer Specials for May, 2018

We are in the middle of an April Spring Snowstorm here in Wisconsin, and on a sale of 1-10, my motivation for Spring Cleaning is registering at cookies, blankets and Netflix marathons. Why is it when there is virtually nothing I would rather do less than clean when the weather is bad and I have nothing I want to be doing outside anyway?

The monthly Norwex Customer Sales for May features dryer balls, Enviro Cloths, and bathroom items. My kids are obsessed with the purple bath towels, they are soft, absorbent, and every parent can appreciate the BacLock feature for self-purifying silver that makes them the maintenance towels you’ll ever own. Hang and walk away, wash them infrequently.

Host a Norwex demo/party/class with me in May and we will gift you with a broad collection of Norwex freebies that will leave you with healthy home cleaning products for nearly every room in your home. Noteworthy: Body Gel, we go through this stuff in bulk quantities because my husband loves is. Our new color of bath towels, Lavender, is yours free when your party reaches 750 dollars in sales. You’ll also easily earn our new coordinating Body Pack color, Tranquil.

Two other noteworthy additions to the Norwex Hostess Packages for May include the coolest dusting tool in all the land, the EnviroWand and the Travel Pack, I’m telling you that over the last 7 years of spreading my obsessive love for Norwex all over the country, my heart has never stopped pumping hard for these tiny but mighty, on-the-go version of our full sized Enviro Cloths. I abuse my children by making them use them to clean their toothpaste globs out of the bathroom sinks. We use them in the car instead of napkins or wipes, I always have one in my purse, and I have never taken a flight without one. One time the guy next to me on a 4 hours flight had to use his barf bag and when he got up to clean up, I pulled out my Travel Cloth and washed everything down in my area, including my eyeballs. JK, JK.( Or am I?)

Get on my May calendar, stock up on Graduation gifts, Bridal Shower presents, and show your friends that cleaning doesn’t have to be toxic or boring. I’d love to introduce you or re-introduce you to Norwex.


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