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Norwex in July.. Mops & Towels!

The Norwex Summer Tradition is back. Some of us go to the beach or cabin, others to the pool with a great summer read (speaking of that, what have you read lately?) I’ve plowed through a book every few days lately, that’s one of the beautiful things about being a Norwex lady, that flexible daytime schedule gives me enough time to haul my kids around from Points A-F 9 hours a day and it gives me time to read while I wait around until the next time they need their free Uber Lady to take them to the next destination.

When I’m not doing thankless Mom work, I am doing Norwex. Summertime is Mop Season, so if you’ve been lusting over the Norwex Mop System, you can invite over 6 friends for a glass of wine while we razzle dazzle them over the Norwex method. Ta-da! Thanks for helping us school your pals on green cleaning, and to thank you, we have the opportunity to give you a free Mop System. Please make your learn kids how to use it, because your dirty floors are probably their fault, not yours.

Ok, and don’t miss our Spend and Get this month. A NORWEX BEACH TOWEL YASSSS! This monster sized towel also features the bacteria-busting BacLock, I live by the beach so I sincerely need 5 of these towels. I hope you will get one this month, they are not a permanent addition to our line (yet?! Fingers crossed) so if you want to get one, be safe, not sorry and snag one now.

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