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Norwex Join Free in May

Half the month of May has passed, but that means you still have time to become a Norwex Ambassador.

Our Norwex Join For Free offer is here for a limited time, and it could be the right opportunity for you to try Norwex from the consultant end, instead of the customer end.

Why do people go from host or customer to consultant during this offer?

Traditionally, the way to join Norwex assumes you’d like to do a few home demonstrations or Facebook Parties. By assuming this, we give you a Starter Kit with over 240 dollars of items. You pay $9.99 plus tax to have that kit mailed to you, and over the next 3 months we ask you to sell and/or purchase 2000 dollars of Norwex products. The average Jane does this by getting her side hustle on and doing 3-4 Norwex shows. By doing this, you can earn approximately $700. When you hit that $2000 sales goal, you are billed zero dollars for your Norwex Starter Kit, because gurllll, you EARNED IT!  Woah. That was a lot of numbers. Are you still here? Good, then let’s move on…..

So what if you don’t have 3-4 parties in you right now?

What if the idea of standing in front of 8 nice people brings a vomit taste to your mouth?

What if you have a million “What If” statements running through your head?

What if something in your heart, head or tummy is saying “try it, do it, maybe” but you have just as many excuses holding you back?

What if you really love the products and know the affordable way to detox and Norwex your whole home the way you wish you could was made financially affordable by becoming a Norwex Consultant?

By Joining for Free in May, you are saying yes to becoming a Consultant, but not in the way I described above.

Here’s how it goes……

Pay $9.99 plus tax.

Norwex sends you a Basic Set as your “Join For Free” Kit instead of the full Starter Kit.

Now you can do as you wish. Choose to upgrade your “Join For Free” Kit with a Business Builder Kit. Or choose not to. You decide.

Hit a some or all Fresh Start Goals to earn free Norwex. Or choose not to. You decide.

Keep your 35% discount/commission on your Norwex sales by entering $250 in retail orders every 6 months. Or choose not to. You decide.

See the theme here?

It’s truly a way to join Norwex for your own motivations. By joining with my coaching and support, you are given the freedom to choose your own adventure. I just happen to be the kind of guide who knows exactly how to lead every kind of traveler.

Sign up today before Join for Free goes away.


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