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Norwex Laundry Routine for Kids

I’m officially down to doing laundry for 3. I handed Violet, my 13 year old her infographic and a laundry basket and as you can see, she is thrilled!

A few years ago I heard a high school counselor explain that by their sophomore year of high school, kids should be doing their own laundry.

The pandemic chore load has been heavy for many parents. The more your kids are home, the dirtier the house gets. My housework load fatigue was intense, and I was getting crabby. I shoulder a large portion of the housework with help from my husband, but my kids don’t do nearly as much as I did growing up, so something had to give.

I typed out a how-to for Violet, glued it to some card stock, and hung it on the washer. She now has a step by step and can find all the Norwex Laundry Detergent, Stain Remover, Odour Eliminator and Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls she needs to become independent at her own laundry. It’s important that I be able to put safe products in her hands so she can take ownership over this responsibility. Did you know that in some laundry products, the term “fragrance” may refer to a combination of several hundred chemicals, including many that are hazardous? Teenage girls and boys are undergoing tremendous changes in their bodies and the last thing any parent wants to do is expose them to ingredients that could impact their normal development.

Do your kids do their own laundry? How old are they?

Did your parents stop doing your laundry at a certain age? If so, when?

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