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Norwex Lip Shimmers are Back!

If you were lucky and quick enough to grab these the first time we made them available, I bet you are ready to get them again! I have seldom been cosmetic loyal to one brand over the years, and in pursuit of safer skincare, it’s become even more challenging to build a modest cosmetic collection that contains products I go to over and over again. Buying makeup in the store is hard enough for someone like me. My clumsiness with makeup goes way back to age 3, when I took my Mom’s eyelash curler for a test-run…. on my nose. Now try to pick out an eyeshadow or foundation online? Good grief. It will usually be 50 shades all wrong.

Trust me when I tell you to buy these Norwex Lip Shimmers. They sold out speedy fast last fall, and they have been so well received that they are back once again. Layer the colors to get multiple looks, and in a pinch you can use them as cheek color as well. Have tweens and teens? Their bodies needs to be protected from the toxic load they are exposed to, hand them these and feel good about their entry product into the makeup word.

Gluten free, safe, intentional ingredients that you have grown to trust from Norwex.

PS. If you were a Norwex consultant, your price on this package would be $19.49. Just sayin’… maybe we should talk?

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