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Norwex Mattress Cleaner On SALE!

Norwex Mattress Cleaner– an enzyme based product that every home should have in their Norwex rotation. Do you have a bed? Yes? Then you need this one.


Well, the dirty facts behind the powerful cleaning potential of this product is enough to make you want to retch. I know it’s a little evil but I have to giggle when I talk about this product at home parties, inevitably a few people will start to scratch themselves. Why does talking about creep crawlies make us feel all creepy crawly?

Dust mites take up residence in all the cozy places in your home, the places when you or your loved ones, or even fur babies, like to rest. Dust mites are living creatures, and to quote my son’s favorite book “Everyone Poops” by Taro Gomi, All living things eat, so everyone poops.

Body oils, pet dander and dust mites, their waste and other organic materials can aggravate your allergies and can even contribute to snoring. Your time in bed should be a time to capture much needed, restorative sleep, and sleeping in a cleaner environment will make that more likely.

Where do I use Mattress Cleaner?

I spray the beds in our home every 4-6 weeks. For my kids who are more sensitive and suffer from allergies, I spray every 4 weeks.

Do you travel? Transfer Mattress Cleaner into a TSA approved spray bottle and pull back the sheets and protector on the hotel bed. Spray Mattress Cleaner and let sit for 4 hours, if possible.  (Cringe, I know, you don’t want to do this, but trust me, ignoring what lies beneath you does not benefit you.)

Stuffed animals. Gah. This mom hates those nasty dirty things. Short of burning them and watching my children cry buckets of tears and then need loads of therapy, the next best thing is Norwex Mattress Cleaner.

Pet Beds. These monsters are expensive and seriously do not fit in the washing machine if you have a big dog. The best way to clean them is to vacuum, use the Norwex Rubber Brush to lift stubborn fur, and  spray them with Mattress Cleaner.

Throw Pillows. Why are these little stuffed squares of fabric SO PRICEY. I just bought new throw pillows for my sofa and felt like a bonafide grown-up boujee woman but also it make me a little sick because I know my kids are going to end up tossing them on the floor, jumping on them, and hitting each other with them. I spray mine with Mattress Cleaner 4 times a year because they have zero potential for coming out of the washing machine and dryer in one piece.

I also spray my sofa (test on an inconspicuous area, like the back) 3-4 times a year, and the only area we still have carpet, one staircase. My husband has severe allergies and Norwex makes breathing easier for him.

You can get this must-have Norwex product on sale today only. It’s worth the full price of $29.99, that’s why you’ll seldom ever see it on sale. You can always earn it for free, along with other items on your Norwex wish-list, when you host a gathering in your home. You invite friends, I razzle dazzle them with the 8-10 best selling Norwex products, we blow their minds and help them learn how to clean smart and safe, and you are thanked with a big hostess package.

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